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  2. Spielberg is doing a Napoleon miniseries for hbo based on the Kubrick screenplay.
  3. Saw them in the 90’s on The Bridges to Babylon tour. I see the Van show is on a Friday night. Maybe I will go. Would be nice if they ran the ferries late that night so I wouldn’t have to pay to stay in Vancouver.
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  5. never seen them in real life. what are they like? to see them standing there playing their songs.
  6. Ridley's career is a strange one for me. His first three films are high quality: Blade Runner is in my top ten films of all time, and I love Alien and an underrated film, his debut, The Duelists. Then everything else is shit. Willow, GI Jane, etc. - all complete bollocks. Scorsese still puts out high quality films. Steve? Steve can put the odd decent one out like Bridge of Spies and Lincoln.
  7. This song has one of my favourite lines: “I could walk but I’ll just drive.”
  8. Ridley is 85 and just wants to bum hos. That's the message of Napoleon. I don't give a fuck, this is my Napoleon. Oppenheimer is Nolan's Gladiator. In 10 years Nolan will be bumming hos in black holes too.
  9. The history is fairly good. Some over emphasis and construction here and there but largely bona fide, https://www.vulture.com/2023/07/oppenheimer-historical-accuracy-what-really-happened.html Ridley Scott note well.
  10. I think it covered the material well, even the simple difference between fusion and fission. Even nuke physicists do Marbles in a jar plutonium counts. Teller getting in there with Fermi getting in there is enough depth. The whole Strauss conspiracy McCarthy era stuff is pure JFK. I love Los Alamos western stuff. Nuke cowboys. Unlike Napoleon, JFK and Oppenheimer you are very close to the truth.
  11. Stoned and Dethroned maybe their masterpiece. Obviously Psychocandy but it's rough production wise. Darklands is classic 80s. But Stoned has a beauty which is at their core.
  12. Oppenheimer Borderline masterwork territory and I liked the use of the subjective through visual flair and camera trickery. Easily the best Nolan I have seen. There is one sequence which may be the greatest thing he'll ever direct, when he is coming from that speech and the spectators start to develop radiation burns and so forth. That is top tier directing Mr Nolan. It is however a bit like Wolf of Wall St in that it covers a rather technical subject, be that stocks/shares or quantum physics, that Johnny Layman doesn't understand but is like bread and butter for the nerds in the film. Basically both films are stacked with ugly nerd characters and it is simply a different milieu from your regular Joe scratching his balls and addicted to sport. So there is a lot of exposition and mainstreaming of complicated subjects but I find some of it will be always lost so you just have to roll with it, or research and conduct a repeat viewing (both films have tremendous re-watch value). It does dip into Scorsese territory, especially the procedural Strauss stuff. It reminds me of Scorsese's more recent historical films, Aviator, Irishman, KOTFM - Irishman especially. Or even Oliver Stone's JFK. 'America' up until a certain point in time when America ceased to be interesting. America up until the 1960s. I am glad Tube Alloys (the British project) got a cameo. Yes, the British had a big role and amalgamated their research with the Americans.
  13. Mad Max was so fucking great and this looks so fucking cringeworthy.
  14. Emergency Update: Susan Sarandon's Boobs and Israel https://rumble.com/v3z6b8e-the-wasted-show-61-emergency-update.html
  15. Our next guests are an English band... This live tv appearance explains it, it's not loud, fast enough or arrogant enough. but the video is great So they needed to play it faster and more aggressive, they are probably hungover though. But they do have something, the melody, danceable drums and then can take off with noise guitars.
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