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  1. I got high yesterday. It was fun. I watched some old Tim and Eric and laughed my ass off. Ate three peanut butter sandwiches. Jerked off three times.
  2. Ah, the legendary black triangles of UFO lore. If there was ever a pattern of sightings that could be chalked up to actual experimental aircraft, it's probably that one.
  3. The opening scene of the elephant spraying diarrhea shit all over was a bad sign. It never improved after that. Utter shit. I turned it off.
  4. Yes!! That's it....it was so eerie....everything got dark. The temperature dropped rapidly. A black blob blocked the sun. When I took my eclipse glasses off and gazed with my naked eyes, there he was.....Fat Axl, right in the center. The tips of his porn stache were fiery solar flares. I immediately sacrificed all of the family pets to my new angry god.
  5. I saw it. 100% totality. It was fucking cool.
  6. I was fucking shocked at this behavior at the GNR show I went to last fall. I've only been to shows in Japan for the last 15 years or so, and the crowds there watch the band with rapt, almost religious attention. I looked around the San Diego crowd during SCOM and I saw fuckers taking videos of THEMSELVES. They turned the camera around and actually filmed themselves singing and snake-dancing to Sweet Child O Mine instead of seeing the actual band right in front of their faces. The fuck has our society devolved into?? The end is surely nigh. We can't go on much longer like this.
  7. I did that a few months ago. I've never had a colonoscopy but the doctor said I could shit in a box instead. I chose to shit in the box. My results came back clean. I'm relieved.
  8. Axl has popped his head out for the first time this year. Looks like winter might finally be over. I get heavy "Danzig buys kitty litter" vibes from this pic.
  9. Another song, called ''Oklahoma'' - heard tonight only as an instrumental - was inspired by a court date with ex-wife Erin Everly. I've often wondered if it was never more than an instrumental all along. Can't believe it's almost a quarter of a century later and we still don't know. At least now we actually have the instrumental, probably. That's something. But for the last 15 years or more I was convinced there must be more to it, cause why change the title to "Berlin?" Alas, after finally hearing "The General" and knowing the history of the song, it's apparent now that the song titles have absolutely no meaning, so who the fuck knows?
  10. I think I posted that a while ago. Who was the guy that had ODB as his avatar? Can't remember. So many posters come and gone and pretending to be other people...
  11. You're usually easy to decipher. Not a clue about most here. Same as you, I have no idea who this gravy gentleman is or who he started as.
  12. I'd enjoy forum feuds and drama more if I knew who the fuck was who. Everyone changes their names and avatars all the time. I have no idea who the fuck I'm interacting with. Gotta believe over half the posters here are Miser. My name and avatar have been the same since 2010. I make it nice and easy for people.
  13. I saw this one on twitter and it made me cry like a bitch. It's from a few years ago but it illustrates just how influential this man's work was on an entire generation of people, and this is only Japan.
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