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  1. And the goats don’t change but maybe the names
  2. I heard somewhere that Slash and Duff have considered reworking those Corey tracks with Axl. I love to hear that unreleased Corey album
  3. https://amp.theguardian.com/music/2024/feb/16/brian-wilson-dementia-conservatorship-filing Prayers out to him he deserves better after what he been through
  4. Name is Chris really cool guy some people dislike him for not knowing every little detail or getting some GnR things wrong he is on Discord. He talks about all rock related news and does guitar talk stuff and give tips for new players etc etc
  5. That brother in law sounds like a fucking autist. My most prized is my anonymity but i am the brother in law of Erin Everly lol Axl's friends are bunch of weirdos
  6. Mom the kids picked on me. But why honey?. Beacuse i said my favorite song on the album is Scraped
  7. I think they did the small tour as a test to see how Jon would do. I feel bad for the people who got a bad show but they should have read reviews after a few shows and videos just my thought
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